ZeroFossilFuel - Einer der Pioniere im Bereich der Erneuerbaren Energie-Forschung & Entwicklung

Heute darf ich euch jemanden vorstellen, der einer der Pioniere auf dem Bereich der Alternativen Energie/Technik ist.

Er würde sich über Besucher auf seiner Website und im Channel freuen!


I produce and maintain this channel and my web site to chronicle my research into alternate energy technologies, share my discoveries and motivate others to do the same.

So far I've looked at permanent magnet motors (still not dead), HHO hydrogen electrolysis, plasma and resonance theories that may some day get us to over unity, being able to extract energy from water alone, run cars and generators, free us from the energy lords.

"History is full of people who out of fear, ignorance, or lust of power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all.

We must not let it happen again."  -Carl Sagan

A few words of caution: Much of my research centers around methods of generating and using HHO (Hydrogen and oxygen in highly explosive stoichiometric ratio). This is extremely dangerous work and NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Extreme caution must be exercised at all times to ensure personal safety. CARELESS EXPERIMENTERS HAVE BEEN KILLED playing around with this stuff. PLEASE BE SMART when playing with HHO.
Über mich:

Father of two. Husband of 30 years. Deeply concerned about the welfare of our planet.
Land: USA
Beruf: Electronics engineer by trade. Alternate energy experimenter by choice.

Movies: The Matrix, Back to the Future, Who Killed the Electric Car?, The Money Changers and any movie that casts Charlize Theron.
Filme: Shows: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Hier ist sein Channel:

Hier nochmals seine Website:

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